From singing in choirs all over the world to directing a cappella groups, Aiko has always had a passion for music and has been performing for as long as she can remember. She is heavily inspired by R&B, jazz, and pop sounds and is working on original music. She plans to continue studying music at UC Santa Cruz and is excited to share her love for singing and performing for any audience.

Rich started playing bass in 1976 when he picked up the bass that his next-door neighbor's father had laying around the living room. It felt right. He bought a McCartney Beatles bass replica and built his first speaker cabinet at age 15. It worked surprisingly well (just ask his neighbors). Ever since, he has been laying down the groove in dozens of Rock, Blues, Pop and R&B groups. He really gets off on the interaction with fellow musicians and audiences alike.

Growing up in Southern California, Jon was surrounded by music.  As a kid, he played the violin.  At about the age of 13, he switched to the guitar.  By the time he was 17, living in Santa Cruz, he was playing and performing in rock bands.  He has performed in regional California bands "Who Cares," Blue Rocket, Dance Floor Villains, 5 O'clock Shadow, and Spigot.  Jon likes to play crunchy, rhythmic textures and distinct leads.


Erick grew up in Boston where he was inspired by the 90's rock scene. He played guitar and drums in garage bands before moving to California in 2001. Since then he's earned a BA in music from UC Berkeley and played in several bands around the Monterey Bay. Now'adays, Erick's all about the funk and disco beats, but you gotta rock sometimes...